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Laura Sajdik

3D Artist


Gameloft Entertainment LTD.
Environment Artist; August 2014 – Current

Current Project (to be released May 2016)

  • Modelling, texturing and lighting environments with Mental Ray using Arch and Design materials based on script concepts (2D).
  • Modelling and texturing high poly props for placement in scenes.

Disney Magic Kingdom

  • Supported 3D team as needed by providing high poly models for baking.
  • Successfully integrated 3D models into pre-existing art pipeline.

CSI: Slots

  • Responsible for modeling, texturing and lighting crime scene environments according to script requirements and 2D concepts.
  • Worked closely with design department to develop newly themed slot machines and
    conceptualize bonus games.
  • Stepped up as lead artist in critical times.
  • Liaised with art director to interpret and implement feedback from HQ.
  • Delegated tasks to art team while providing time estimates to producer.

Augmented Reality App
SimentIT Inc. in association with Seneca College
Art Director, Lead Artist; February – July 2014

  • Explored ideas for augmented reality app.
  • Provided effective solutions to limitations of augmented reality.
  • Concepted, modelled and textured two separate environments.
  • Storyboarded and timed out VFX.
  • Animated 3D models, sprite sheets and Unity particles.

Tony’s Shoot Out
Dingo Mobile Inc. in association with Seneca College

Art Director, Lead Artist; August – November 2013

  • Responsible for all character and environment art as well as storyboards.
  • Modelled and textured Tony, including upgraded hockey equipment.
  • Skinned, rigged and animated main character with additional facial rig and GUI control.
  • Brought assets into Unity to check compatibility with mobile settings.
  • Designed icons and textures for unlocking and upgrading assets.

Fort York Blockhouse Installation
Awe Productions Inc. in association with Seneca College

Character Artist; May – August 2012

  • Created several character concepts for primary, secondary, and tertiary characters.
  • Modelled high poly and low poly characters according to predetermined poly count limits.
  • Textured characters to match styled art direction.
  • Rigged and skinned using CAT rig and set up morph targets for facial animation.
  • Helped troubleshoot several issues relating to Unity mobile settings regarding characters.
  • Assisted with environment modelling/texturing and sprite animation when necessary.

Seneca College of Applied Art and Technology

Art Director, Asset Modeller; January – April 2012

  • Managed a clear and consistent art direction through reviews and critiques of models,
    textures, lighting, and overall visual appeal.
  • Worked closely with the Director and Level Designer to successfully represent the 2D concept
    as a 3D environment.
  • Gathered reference images appropriate to the time period, style, and mood of the project to
    create a single reference package to be used by everyone to ensure a constant visual style.
  • Scheduled deadlines for visual critiques on a weekly basis, and successfully completed the
    project within the time provided.
  • Modelled several assets from high poly to low poly based on schematics.
  • Unwrapped and textured assets, optimized texture map sizes within the UDK editor, and
    created secondary unwrap channels for light maps.
  • Helped to model and texture assets initially assigned to other group members to meet
    production deadlines.


iClone Character Animation Contest 2015

Good Game

  • Placed runner up.
  • Modelled, rigged, animated original one-minute character animation clip.


Press Start to Begin

  • Modelled and textured characters.
  • Provided supporting environment assets.

Various Freelance Projects
Modeller/Texture Artist;  Februrary – June 2013

  • Transformed 2D concepts into 3D models for rendering as needed.
  • Created high resolution detailed texture maps for low poly models.
  • Designed modular assets for quick assembly using minimal number of maps.


Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology

  • Game Art and Animation (2011-2012)
  • Animation (2009-2011)
  • Art Fundamentals (2008-2009)


  • 3Ds Max 2016
  • Photoshop CS6
  • ZBrush 4R7
  • Quixel Suite
  • UDK/Unreal4/Unity
  • After Effects